Speed up and simplify your work with Oracle databases

Years of on-the-job experience with Oracle databases have guided us in developing tools designed to streamline administration, and program development.

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Current Version:

Intelligent Tools for Oracle Databases

Light Edition


Bundles Hora's most used pages for a very attractive price. Ideal for key users of database applications. This edition is designed for end users whose needs center around viewing tables, writing their own simple queries, or running ready-made queries.

Professional Edition

Professional Network SQL-Editor Reverse DDL HTML-Dokumentation

Contains everything you need for application development and administration. Our top-seller. This edition includes the core component Hora and its subsidiary programs: SQL Editor, HTML Documentation Generator, and Reverse DDL Engineer.

Enterprise Edition

Hora SQL-Editor Reverse DDL HTML-Documentation ER Diagrammer PL/SQL Debugger DB Compare

Includes all tools of the professional edition and adds ER Diagrammer, PL/SQL Debugger and DB Compare.